WAYFARING- THE ROOTS OF THIS CONCEPT ARE IN THE TRIPS. When we travel, we enrich and become more colorful, more open to freedom and happiness. We give our minds new emotions, new sights, people and adventures. Inspired by the meaning of WAYFARING, we devoted our summer collection as a therapeutic and relaxing body and soul activity. An activity that stimulates contemplation and the sense of freedom and timelessness. The collection is colorful and ethereal, gives the body air sensation, desire to jump, to move lightly and calmly to the next destination. As we travel, we open our senses to the incredible things, and we happily incorporate them into our own worldview, creating Wayfaring, we have embarked on new things for us, like colors and structures. Transparency and efficacy, delicate elegance and loose silhouettes, layers and colors burst into Wayfaring this summer. The materials are different also – from pure silk, through heavy viscose, pleated light fabrics and sunray pleats, to striped cotton and silver textures. Our collection makes the summer a pleasant provocation for senses with textures, volumes and colors, surprising and varied – such senses could be given by every trip.

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