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Basic Info

At the height of summer, when we were so comfortable to walk in shorts and light T-shirts, we thought about the autumn, when everything will turn different colors and will be set cold windy days. And we began to look for ways to wrap ourselves with more and more warm clothes – so suddenly the idea to give practical several models from Mission: Cozy wrapping, to rethink and continue the theme that apparently continues to excite us, including new materials and trendy colors .. Again, simple and comfortable, but in noticeable colors. Inspiration for the color scheme appears to demand our vitality and optimism that is usually missing from the fall. We wanted our fall not to be melancholic and sad – wanted it fresh, and at the same time with a sense of comfort that bring us the aroma of spices and pleasant taste of homemade cookies and tea. The current and so warm color – spicy mustard creates some wool tops and sheer pleated models. The pastel coral from thick crepe natural material bring new energy to the A-silhouette culottes, dresses and skirts. Dark blue leather adds delicate glossiness to dresses, trousers, short jackets and focusing belts. Our silhouettes are voluminous, yet fitted, with marked waist or free – comfort depends on personal preference. For the first time we made belts as accessories, as well as an unexpected added length to the ground belts in some models as a powerful contemporary piece of street style culture.

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