DAYSPRING-This season we created the sweet balance between luxury and relaxed comfort. Our clothes are free and calm for the body, forming a nice soft silhouette. Seeing visions, you begin to dream about sails, sand, sea breeze and first morning rays. The silhouettes are light, loose and comfortable, like home casual but with a luxurious look. For this collection, we developed an author print, which carries the spirit of moving air and light breeze. Image appears intense at some areas, at others -disappears, like the wind. It feels like you are dressed in something with soul that looks different on each body. Of course, we paid special attention in the search for suitable materials. The fabrics are natural: double woven silk; double sided viscose- with matte and glossy face; three types of cotton fabrics; pink airy polyester with dense and transparent stripes; and double sided neoprene with a textured and a smooth face. Some models have additional features such as metal buckles and belts, edges tone in tone – but with a different texture of the fabric; and visible metal buttons.

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