Mission: Cozy Wrapping-This year, the starting point for our winter collection is interpretation of our memories from childhood of comfort, home and warmth. Somehow natural association as a collective image of all this soft warm blanket, is this characteristic from our childhood “quilt.” Our desire is to transfer this inner comfort outdoors, where cold winter kills with icy sharpness, and we want to make winter more friendly, to protect the human body from it … On the other hand, contemplating the loose, simple and relaxed silhouettes, so trendy in recent seasons, we somehow experienced deja vu, we saw familiar images of our childhood. Thus formed feeling of the collection – comfort and inner peace, mixed with the freedom to be what your inner “Me” wants, not what is expected to be.

Initially driven by the fashion installation “XXSOFIA” (conceptual exhibition of Ivan Asen 22 and Goethe Institute in which we participate), our inspiration moved into one convenient, comfortable, soft and warm space created to envelop our body with homey exterior in the urban context .

 There is a visible stylistic eclecticism. Medium length skirts and dresses are combined with sophisticated voluminous outerwear and comfortable, unpretentious shoes. Our goal is to liberate the woman who wears these clothes from circumstances and prejudices, to inspire them to express themselves freely. To harmony with the environment, but not to lose in it.

In some of the structures symmetry absents, to allow one side of the garment to embrace the other, which seemed to weave body in a warm embrace, brings its protection and security.

Some of the fabrics are traditional – pressed wool, wool jersey, wool boucle, cashmere and viscose. Others have interesting treatments such as double-sided cotton jersey, rubberized silk or thick heavy crepe viscose spandex.

Pastel and earth colors express our desire to show the harmony and balance between beautiful and authentic, unobtrusive and categorically presence of mind and body. In some models there is a different accent color or a strong structural detail that gently pays attention to the garment without screaming “Look at me!”.

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